I found the game was engaging. It made me think. I realized how little I prepared properly before I got in the room and started negotiating as a general with my responsibility for the Navy. It was very good fun, time went very quickly. I really enjoyed watching everybody trying to formulate and understand what their positions were.
Jonathan Siddons, TELOS Partners
I find it very engaging. I think that in terms of its practicality in real life it's very close and simulates situations that you very often find yourself in. Where you are under time pressure to achieve a certain goal and you have to do the best you can with a limited amount of information and a limited amount of resource. And I found that very real to life.
Konrad UrbaƄski
I think it's quite an accurate simulation of a lot of business scenarios. Very often you could be negotiating anything where you have a particular position and the other party has a different position that you don't know about. So you go into a discussion without full information and it's a case of teasing out what is important for the other party before you can find a deal.
Jonathan Siddons, TELOS Partners
A wonderful game! I polished my negotiation skills and experienced how to close pacts.
I think the game was fantastic. I would recommend playing this game to everybody.
Kenneth Morgan, TRINITY Corporate Service